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Blood tests and analysis

Our commitment to you:

7-day testing available including Saturday and Sunday

24/7 On-Call Laboratory processing of tests

Fully compliant with all UK regulatory standards

Rapid Results Reporting Service

Our centre can provide over 1700 different tests covering blood analysis, cancer checks, urine & faeces, and analysis of tissue samples.  We provide a 7-day testing service so that results can be obtained quicker, and we can help you feel better sooner.  All the tests are carried out at a UK approved laboratory in Lancashire.

If you know what test you require, please let us know and we can book you in for an appointment either with our doctor or health care assistant.  

The prices below are all inclusive – includes cost of test and appointment to discuss the sample with a health professional.

If you would like to discuss your concerns with a GP prior to tests, please book for a GP appointment and one of our doctors can guide you to which tests you require.  We will always recommend tests where there is a clinical need to do so-that’s our promise.

Make an appointment

Test packages:

ON CALL Vitality Check

Includes blood count\immune system check\liver\diabetes\thyroid\cholesterol\iron\calcium\vitamin D

For blood samples you will see one of our health care professionals for a 10-15-minute appointment who will take samples and arrange transport to our laboratory.  For samples such as urine or faeces you can simply collect the sample in the specified bottle (please call us and we can provide this), and we can analyse them once received.

Vitality Testing


Time taken – 5-10 mins
Results – normally 24-48 hours with electronic copy sent to you.

ON CALL Pregnancy Checks

Our doctors understand that women who embark on the journey to try and have a baby need extra care and attention.  On-call can offer a general health check before you start trying for a baby, an advanced pregnancy blood test, and offer tests and checks throughout your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are healthy.

Check out our mini-packages right from the aspiring mum, through the stages or pregnancy to post pregnancy checker.

ON CALL Advanced Pregnancy Blood Test

Our pregnancy blood test is much more accurate than the normal urine-based pregnancy test.  This test detects the hormone Beta-HCG.  The blood sample is normally collected from a vein in the arm and the results can come back within 24-48 hours.  All results are confidential and will only be discussed with you by our doctor.



Time taken – 5-10 mins
Results – normally 24-48 hours with electronic copy sent to you.
Cost – £49.99

ON CALL Cancer Screening

On-Call Doctors can provide a number of specialist blood tests that can be an aid to the detection of cancer.  Its important to realise that a blood test on its own without a discussion about symptoms, family history, or examination is generally not helpful.  If you have specific concerns around cancer, we would urge you to speak to one of our doctors beforehand.

If you have any concerns about cancer, please make an appointment

ON CALL Prostate Cancer Check

The prostate is a gland in men that is situated between the bladder and the penis.  Its function is primarily to nourish and protect sperm.  Normally it is around the size of a walnut.  As men age it is normal for the prostate to increase in size.  The increase in size can affect urination- meaning you may get up at night several times to pass urine or notice that the flow of urine is weaker.  Other symptoms may include waiting to start urination or the slowing of urination especially as you are finishing.

To check for prostate cancer the doctor will need to review your symptoms, then examine your prostate and check the PSA- the hormone that can be associated with prostate cancer.

ON CALL Comprehensive Prostate Check


Includes review of symptoms + physical examination of the prostate + PSA hormone blood test

ON CALL 10-point Allergy Check

10-point Allergy Test


10-point Allergy Test for Almonds, brazil nut, cashew, cheese, dogs, egg white & yolk, fish (cod) milk and latex

Individual allergy tests available for

Peanut allergy blood test – £50

Penicillin allergy blood test – £50

Wasp allergy blood test£50

Wheat allergy blood test£50 

Common Test Pricing:

ON CALL Vitality Check


blood count
immune system check
vitamin D
This check would be considered a comprehensive general body health check and is a very good baseline blood test that allows the doctor to ascertain your general health.

Hba1c - Diabetes


Kidney Function


Liver test




Urine Culture


Thyroid test


Blood count & iron


Vitamin D


Coeliac test


Comprehensive list of blood tests:

Anaemia Check


Beta HCG -pregnancy blood test


Blood Count


Blood Glucose Test


Blood Group


Bloods for VISA Medical Examination forms


Boxer Medical


Breast Cancer genes BRCA1 & BRCA2


CA125 & HE4 Combined Screen


Early CDT - Lung Test


Combined MMR Immunity Screen


Coeliac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity


Combined MMR Immunity Screen


Cervical Smear Test (PAP Smear)


Cystic Fibrosis (139 common mutations)


Diabetes - HbA1c Test


DNA Testing


DNA Testing


Faecal Immunochemical test (FIT)


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)


Filaria lymphatic and non-lymphatic antibodies


Filaria Antigen


Female Hormone Profile (FIP)


Food Intolerance Testing


Glucose Tolerance Test- a test for diabetes


Glandular Fever-Epstein-Barr Virus (IgG/IgM)


Healthy Heart Screen


Helicobacter Pylori (stool test)


Hepatitis A Immunity Test (IgG)


Hepatitis B Immunity Test


HIV Test


Instant STI Testing


Kidney Function Tests


Lactose Tolerance Test (morning only)


Lipid Profile (different fat types in the blood)


Liver Function Tests


Malarial Antibodies


Male Hormone / Infertility Profile (MIPR)


Measles Antibody (IgG) - Immunity Test


Mineral Profile


MMA Fighter (HIV/Hep B/Hep C)


Mumps Antibody (IgG) - Immunity Test


Mumps Antibody (IgM) - Immunity Test


Needle Stick Injury Profile


Ovarian Cancer marker CA125


Oestrogen levels (Oestradiol (E2))




Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)


Rubella Antibody (IgG) - Immunity Test


Rheumatoid screening blood test


Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)


Sickle Cell Test


STI / STD Tests & Screening


Syphilis testing

From £52

TB tests


Testosterone levels


Thyroid Function Profile (FT4, TSH)


Troponin I (test for heart attack)


UFC Fighter


Urine Culture


Urine Drug Screen + cannabis


Varicella Zoster (Shingles Antibodies (IgG)


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D (25-OH)


If there is a test you don’t see here please call us to discuss on 01253 834055

– we have over 1700 tests and therefore we can’t display all of them here.


How do we take samples?

For blood samples you will see one of our health care professionals for a 10-15-minute appointment who will take samples and arrange transport to our laboratory.  For samples such as urine or faeces you can simply collect the sample in the specified bottle (please call us and we can provide this), and we can analyse them once received.

What can we test for?

We can test blood, urine, faeces, and samples of e.g. skin.  Through blood tests we can assess how well vital organs are working e.g. kidneys and liver.  We can also check for common diseases such as anaemia, diabetes, over or underactive thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

We can check for low levels of certain salts in the blood and levels of vitamins e.g. vitamin D, vitamin B12.

We can also analyse swabs to check for infections e.g. eye/ear or swabs to check for sexual infections.

How long do I wait for results?

The speed with which your results come back depends on the type of test that is done.  This can range between 24 hrs to more than a week for some specialist tests.  

Can I get copies of my test results?

Yes.  We can provide you with electronic copies of your results.

Can I get private tests without a referral from my NHS doctor?

Yes.  You have the choice to see any of our private GPs and get tested without a referral.  Our own GPs can refer on to our own specialists if required.   

Do you communicate with my NHS doctor?

Your notes and results belong to you -and if you want us to send results to your NHS doctor, we can send these electronically with your consent.  

What is a fasting blood test?

This type of blood test requires that you avoid eating or drinking from midnight to the morning of your blood test.  It is only required for certain tests, and our health professional will advise you if this is a requirement of the test.  Most tests are non-fasting.

What if I am on medication?

Please let the On Call team know if you are taking blood thinning medication such as aspirin, warfarin or the new DOAC group of drugs e.g. rivaroxaban.  

Is a blood test painful?

Blood tests through a vein are done with a fine needle. Normally the pain is minimal and should not cause much pain or bruising.  

Can I get numbing cream for the test?

Yes. Please speak to our On Call team. Please note there will be an additional charge for this.