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ON CALL Corporate COVID19 testing

OnCall Testing can offer companies a comprehensive solution to test staff and colleagues for the virus.  We use a UK government approved rapid test for COVID19 and new variants giving a result within 15 minutes.  Our corporate Covid19 testing involves a nasal swab.  Having the ability to test staff quickly and regularly can provide reassurance to staff and managers and allow companies to continue trading in a safer environment. 

Our services include:

  • ON CALL Health professional testing of staff, on-site anywhere in the UK
  • Test results management
  • Practical or online training of key company personnel in conducting tests
corporate covid19 testing

We use the new UK Government approved Healgen test that checks for the presence of the virus within 15 minutes. A deep nasal swab is taken, and the swab is then mixed with a reagent. The resulting mixture then forms the basis for giving a result within 15 minutes.

Our solutions:

PLATINUM One Stop GP-led Solution

Our premier package gives companies a complete one-stop solution to their testing regime. This involves our health professional visiting your company on-site and undertaking the tests on all your staff. Results will be entered on a database and provided to management. We can offer advice to individuals that test positive and provide them with the latest advice around self-isolation and further testing.

One clinician can test 24 people in a single day.

We can send multiple clinicians if required.

  • On-site testing carried out by UK trained clinicians

  • Increased accuracy of the test

  • Offers total peace of mind to company executives and employees

  • Creates a safe and confident working environment

  • Safe management plans for individuals that test positive

  • Test kits not included

  • Flight Certificates

GOLD Online Training Package

Our Gold package involves our health professionals training your key personnel in the company to conduct the rapid corporate COVID19 testing safely and accurately. Training will be online and include practical advice to ensure your colleagues develop confidence in conducting tests and analysing the results. We can also provide training around the latest information around COVID-19 ensuring your company stays up to date with regards safe working and protection in the workplace.

  • Health professionals train your employees to conduct tests safely and accurately

  • Training to include avoiding potential pitfalls

  • COVID-19 latest clinical updates

  • 1 hour online tutorial via Microsoft Teams


If your company only requires the testing kits then we would be more than happy to supply the correct number of kits to your organisation. We work with an approved distributor for Healgen and all our kits are UK government approved for corporate COVID19 testing.

Working in conjunction with the MORGAN TAYLOR GROUP