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Private Scans

OnCall doctors can perform rapid private scans  for our patients based in Lytham, the Fylde Coast, Blackpool, and Lancashire wide.  Our Scans include:

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • X ray
  • CT

Our scans are done quickly with no waiting lists – often the next day or within a few days. Our GP will call you back with the results and e-mail you a copy of the report. 

How it works:

Step 1Which scan is best for me?

Book a face to face, video, or telephone appointment with our GP to discuss which private scan is  best for the problem you have. The cost for this is £50. Call Karen or Rachel now on 01253 834055 or click here to book an appointment to discuss you private scan needs.

Step 2

Attend one of our imaging centres that can offer appointments with no waiting lists. Please note ultrasound, and echocardiograms are done on our site at Whitehills Business Park, Fylde Coast, with even shorter waiting times.

Step 3

Our GP will call you back to discuss the results of your scan in detail. Often this is the next day after the scan. Our GP will be happy to discuss the next steps after your scan to ensure you are on your journey to recovery.

Price Promise 

Being owned and led by GPs gives us a clear edge over our competitors. We can beat any price for a scan or blood test- just get a written or digital quote and pass on to us!


Pre-MRI scan GP consultation


Introductory Price

MRI of outer body areas

from £390

Outer body areas include MRI of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, or foot



Brain Scan or Head


Pelvis /Hips




Spine is divided into 3 - neck, middle back, and lower back. Scan for each area £495

MRI of 2 separate body areas from


MRI of 3 separate body areas from


Brain & Body MRI Scan Special Offer only £1175

Our comprehensive full body scan is done as the ultimate test for peace of mind. High resolution images can detect conditions like tumours or cancers, look at the state of joints and soft tissues, check for wear and tear in the whole spine as well check internal organs.

Total Scan time 75-90 mins 

Wide bore scanner ideal for patients with anxiety and claustrophobia 

This complete scan includes:

Brain – check for any growth or tissue changes 

Neck area -wear and tear and disc check

Upper and lower spine – wear and tear and disc check

Abdomen – checks internal organs like liver, kidney, spleen, bowel, pancreas & gallbladder. Can detect aneurysms (weakness of blood vessels).

Pelvis – Female -looks at ovaries uterus & bladder. Checks for polyps, cysts & cancer/tumour

Male– looks at bladder and prostate 

Consultant Report for your records 

Pre-scan GP consultation face to face included.


CT SCANS from £485

CT Head/Brain


Outer body areas include MRI of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, or foot

CT Chest abdomen & pelvis


Special Offer

CT Heart Check


Also known as CT calcium score scan Unbeatable Price £499
CT scan that is an effective method of checking the level of narrowing in the blood vessels of your heart. This can be used as a way of assessing your risk of future heart problems.

CT 2 areas of the body


CT 3 areas of the body



Pre-X ray GP consultation


Introductory Price

X ray one area


X ray two areas


X ray three areas


Price promise – get a written or digital quote from any provider to our Imaging team and we will beat it! Give Karen or Rachel a call on 01253 834055 or e mail


Our ultrasound scans are done on site in our clinic by our professionals Nicola & Michael. On Call for you!

Ultrasound abdomen


Ideal to assess kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, pancreas.

Ultrasound Pelvis (Female)


To assess the uterus & Ovaries