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OnCall Heart Analysis

Our most detailed heart check. From £850

Our most detailed heart check

  • Nurse appointment for physical checks including weight height BMI waist & hip ratio blood pressure pulse oxygen levels +blood tests.
  • ECG – analyses electrical activity of the heart. Can alert doctors to potential problems relating to the heart.
  • Echocardiogram or echo heart scan – like a ‘baby scan’ over the heart that looks in detail at the four chambers of the heart, assessment of heart valves and blood flow through the heart. For complete reassurance.
  • Blood tests focussing on heart health v
    Includes full blood count ∞ kidney ∞ liver ∞ diabetes ∞ fasting cholesterol ∞ fasting lipids ∞
  • 24 hr Blood pressure monitoring – you will be fitted to a monitor for 24 hours for the most accurate check of blood pressure. Detailed report will be provided.
  • Detailed GP face to face appointment – to discuss all results and to answer all your queries.


Why not add a heart disease genetic blood test?

Checks over 150 genes related to heart disease risk. If you sign up to the platinum screen receive this at the exclusive price of £699. Normally £799.

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