Private GP

Face-to-face or online appointments. Longer, more flexible consultations to suit your needs.


GP Home Visiting Service

GP visits to your home, care home, hotel or workplace.


Specialists & Consultants

Skincare, mental health, men's and women's health.


Health MOT

Holistic health screens including full examinations, blood tests and heart tracings.


Mental Health

Crisis and confidence management, older adult mental health, mental wellbeing.


Blood Tests

Rapid diagnosis and results within 24 hours


Private Scans

MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and specialist dental scans.



Musculoskeletal and soft tissue diagnosis and treatment


Cosmetic Treatments

A range of non-surgical treatments


We are ON CALL

A private healthcare company for Lancashire and the Fylde Coast

Set up by local doctors, we provide private GP and specialist appointments either face to face or online from our brand-new 7-day centre on Whitehills Business Park Blackpool. We can provide rapid blood testing and scans including MRI. We also have a dedicated cosmetic treatment department.  All our services are certified with the UK regulator the Care Quality Commission. 


Key Services

See our GP specialists quickly at our 7-day centre at times that suit you.  Book a face to face appointment or for simpler problems book a secure online appointment. Our GPs can arrange in-house blood tests, scans and treatments from our onsite medication store. Call now on 01253 834055 to book an appointment.

There is no need to register or change your current NHS doctor.

For our patients that prefer a unique personalised service the doctor can visit you at home, care home or your hotel. Our GP can take a comprehensive history, examination and can do limited tests at home e.g. blood tests, blood sugars, urine test. Ideal for older adults or if you have loved ones in care homes.

*selected days only.

We have a panel of specialists that work with us including skin, mental health, women’s and men’s health to name a few. Our specialists are available for face to face or online appointments. Please note our specialist panel will be expanded as we grow after opening. Please call us if you require further information.

For peace of mind why not book a health screen with one of our GP specialists. A comprehensive, holistic approach incorporating a general health and mental health review, full examination, range of blood tests and heart tracings. Early detection can mean quicker treatments and a healthier outcome.

Our lead GP trained as a psychiatrist for 4 years in the areas of general adult mental health, older adult mental health (including memory problems) and crisis management. We appreciate that mental health is as important as physical health and very often this area of medicine isn’t given the prominence it deserves. Our specialist can help you achieve mental wellbeing.

We have access to over 1500 individual tests to assess your health and get to the diagnosis quicker. All our blood tests are processed by a leading 24 hr laboratory based in Blackpool. We will aim for quicker turnaround times and get the results to you in rapid time.

Our partner Alliance Medical provides MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and specialist dental scans known as a Cone Beam CT scan. We can provide appointments much quicker than the NHS and will provide you with CD discs of images as well as your report where appropriate.

Our dedicated physios can assess your muscular or soft tissue problems with a mix of secure online video or face to face consultations.

Our specialist doctors and GPs have experience of providing non-surgical procedures for the treatment of wrinkles including a range of substances including dermal fillers.

About us

We started our company because we realised that patients’ problems are becoming more complex especially in older adults, and that traditional 10-minute models very often mean that the doctor doesn’t have enough time to deal with everything in a professional and compassionate manner.  We believe in solving your health problems however long it takes. Furthermore, we believe that you should see a doctor first, a diagnosis and treatment agreed and then see other health professionals if required.  Quick testing and scanning mean we can start treatment quicker.

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Our promise to you

Compassionate doctor-first care

Bringing traditional values to modern approaches

Results driven

Responsive to your needs

We are passionate about health care and the areas we serve. Our team appreciates the privileged position that health care providers hold and our motto is ‘to save a life is in actual fact to save the life of all humanity.’  Every year we pledge to give 2.5% of our annual profits to a local cause – that’s our promise.

Dr A I Sange

Medical Director

Dr Asma Raut

General Practitioner

Dr Sarah Crisp

General Practitioner

Laura Peters

Client Relationship Manager

Georgina Brumwell


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