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OnCall Well Woman Platinum Screen

Our most advanced female health screen. From £875

Sign up to annual platinum screens (minimum 2) and receive 5% off

Our most advanced female health screen

  • Nurse appointment for physical checks including weight height BMI waist & hip ratio blood pressure pulse oxygen levels +blood tests
  • Detailed GP face to face appointment includes system examinations, breast examination, pelvic examination (if indicated) and explanation of all results. Female GP available on request.
  • Over 150 individual blood tests


Full blood count ∞ cholesterol & apolipoprotein ∞ liver ∞ kidney ∞ diabetes ∞ urine analysis for microscopic blood ∞ calcium ∞ thyroid & parathyroid incl T3 T4 TPO∞ cancer checks ∞ Iron ∞ gout check ∞ insulin ∞ pancreas ∞ rheumatoid arthritis ∞ female hormones including oestrogen LH FSH progesterone prolactin SHBG ∞ vitamins D & B12 ∞ Allergy evaluation ∞ Coeliac ∞ H Pylori (bacteria that can cause heartburn) ∞ Magnesium ∞chloride ∞folic acid ∞phosphate ∞ ovarian cancer marker CA-125

  • Detailed health report
  • 3D Body composition scans Our latest OnCall 3D body scanner checks detailed body measurements and composition of muscle & fat.
  • ECG – analyses electrical activity of the heart
  • Flu vaccination (if required)
  • Average Blood pressure analysis from 10 home readings
  • Heart risk prediction
  • Feet assessment with podiatrist (separate dedicated appointment)
  • Comprehensive Sexual health screen (urine and blood test)
  • Bowel Cancer Screening Test


Why not add a heart disease genetic blood test?

Checks over 150 genes related to heart disease risk. If you sign up to the platinum screen receive this at the exclusive price of £699. Normally £799.

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