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OnCall Wellman Platinum Screen

Our most advanced male health screen. From £875

Sign up to annual platinum screens (minimum 2) and receive 5% off

Nurse appointment for physical checks including weight height BMI waist & hip ratio blood pressure pulse oxygen levels +blood tests

Detailed GP face to face appointment includes system examinations, prostate check, testicular examination, and explanation of all results

3D Body composition scan Our latest OnCall 3D body scanner checks detailed body measurements and composition of muscle & fat.

Over 150 individual blood tests


Full blood count ∞ cholesterol & apolipoprotein ∞ liver ∞ kidney ∞ diabetes ∞ urine analysis for microscopic blood ∞ calcium ∞ thyroid & parathyroid incl T3 T4 TPO ∞ cancer checks ∞ Iron ∞ gout check ∞ insulin ∞ pancreas ∞ rheumatoid arthritis ∞ testosterone SHBG and androgen index∞ vitamins D & B12 ∞ Allergy evaluation ∞ Coeliac ∞ H Pylori (bacteria that can cause heartburn) ∞ Magnesium ∞chloride ∞folic acid ∞phosphate ∞ PSA (prostate)

  • Detailed health report
  • ECG – analyses electrical activity of the heart
  • Flu vaccination (if required)
  • Average Blood pressure analysis from 10 home readings
  • Heart risk prediction
  • Feet assessment with podiatrist (separate dedicated appointment)
  • Comprehensive Sexual health screen (urine and blood test)
  • Bowel Cancer Screening Test


Why not add a heart disease genetic blood test?

Checks over 150 genes related to heart disease risk. If you sign up to the platinum screen receive this at the exclusive price of £699. Normally £799.

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