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Full Body MRI & Bloods

Total peace of mind with Brain and Body MRI Scan & extensive blood screen

  • Nurse appointment
    for physical checks including weight height BMI waist & hip ratio blood pressure pulse oxygen levels +blood tests
  • Brain & Body MRI
    checks brain, whole spine, abdomen, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bowel, hips, uterus & ovaries (female), bladder, prostate, hips -up to 90 min appointment
  • Advanced Blood tests
    ∞immune system ∞anaemia ∞ heart ∞liver ∞ kidney ∞ diabetes ∞ urine checks ∞Bone ∞ thyroid ∞ Tumour ∞ Nutritional markers ∞ Infection & Inflammation checks ∞ Iron ∞ Muscle & Joint checks ∞ Female or male hormones ∞ Pancreas ∞ Allergy evaluation ∞ Vitamin B12 & Folic acid ∞ Coeliac test ∞ Helicobacter Pylori ∞GP3
  • GP assessment and review of results appointment


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